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What is RONEE?

RONEE is a GUI Software that uses “AES256-CBC” encryption technology to encrypt file having any extension, you can easily encrypt text, images, videos, pdfs, and other file extensions easily and securely

RONEE comes with 11 themes and 2 listboxes to keep track of your files and reduce your eye strain with pleasing andcolorful themes, and yes! RONEE has dark mode

You can browse and open any file from our built-in file explorer and encrypt/decrypt there itself

RONEE displays quotes, which are changed everyday and are fetched from the internet, once RONEE fetches the quote via a HTTP request, it automatically disconnects from internet making your computer more safe from internet hacks or backdoors, RONEE is a promise made by Rohit Varma to guarantee safe encryption of your important files


Watch this video guide on how to install RONEE by clicking here

You can Download the latest version of RONEE from my github repository, it’s free and always will be

Download the latest version by clicking Download now button.

space required: 12.2 Mb (for v2.0) Recommended OS: Windows 10


Home page of RONEE


Encrypting a txt file


Decrypting the txt file


“Helped me to protect my important text files, and I use RONEE for daily quotes too, loved it!!”

“RONEE is amazing and fast, I use it to encrypt pictures too”

“RONEE is colourful and very easy to use”

Support or Contact

Loved my Software?? Want to support me?? Donations are accepted via crypto only, my bitcoin address is, bc1q3dj3qt8t52nphz5caweyszts7qza299p4ucaxy

Having issues?? contact me @